How Distance Healing Works

Long Distance Healing (LDH) is a variant of the energy transition, whereby energy is transmitted from one body to another distant body. This energy transition helps to heal the distant object or being by balancing and clearing their chakras, energy fields and meridians. It is the same as any one-on-one session of healing, except the patient is not physically present. The intent behind long-distance healing is to help you rediscover effective healing tools that match your needs.

How does it work?

There are various modalities that can be deployed in LDH. Some of them can be sighted as below:

  • Balancing of Chakras
  • Reiki
  • Clearing of Karma
  • Meridian Balancing


It basically depends and is highly subjective to the needs and motives of the person receiving the treatment (AKA the receiver). The healer builds up an intense energetic charge in his/ her body. Once the charge builds up, the healer thoughtfully passes it on to the receiver, with a clear intention of the said purpose. The receiver should be open and focused to absorb the new energy into their body. When given with pure healing intention, this energy has the power to cure any sort of illness and pain.

Why does it work?

Some call it a miracle, but the truth is LDH is simply a result of the focused, conscious work of a healer in action. Scientists worldwide are still trying to prove the working and effectiveness of LDH in their researches. Quantum Physics accounts for the success of long-distance healing for some of them. Whatever the reason, the one concrete axiom followed by most of the experts and practitioners is that we all are connected through a common thread called energy, and this is why long-distance healing is possible.

Is this Effective?

Yes, it is very effective if done correctly. On both ends, the Healer and the receiver need to be open to pass on and sink in the energy from one medium to another respectively. A preliminary examination of the patient is vital for understanding the route of the illness and recognizing the disturbances developed in the energy/ informational field. Through a joint effort of both the healer and the patient, the ultimate cure can be found and implemented, quickly and efficiently.. It is a great experience for your body and soul!

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