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“I have been a Spiritual Teacher and treating people for the last 28 years. I specialize in Psychotherapy, Karma Reading, Channeling, and Tarot Reading.

I met Tamar 4 years ago, and was amazed to find out how powerful she is. Tamar is connected to the highest spiritual entities and her strong influence on people’s lives and wellbeing does miracles.

I personally suffered from migraines for years, and after only one conversation, while I live in Israel and Tamar in the USA, my migraines were Gone! Tamar also opened up the channel to lushness and my life has changed a great deal.

My miracle and the miracles she worked with my friends I referred shows that Tamar is very gifted and has a planetary mission: healing people and opening channels.”

– S. Lev


“I am a 60 year old male suffering from Parkinson Symptoms. In the past year I have been taking low doses of medicine to reduce tremors on the left side of my body.

After a session of Energy Healing with Tamar in the evening, I did not have to take my medication. I was able to postpone taking my 7am medication until 9:30am because I did not have any tremors! I was shocked and called Tamar. She said that she may be able to reduce the use of medication, and we did.”

– D. J.

Chakra Healing – Couple Treatment

“For several weeks we were distant and rather quiet. I turned to a “psychic” friend, who told me to bring home a Sagittarius person, convincing me that it will bring light of the sun into the house. Tamar lives just around the corner. I invited her to dinner, and while my husband was not aware of the situation Tamar worked on our Heart Chakra and Perineum Chakra. The love was back in our home. We felt connection and attraction. Like one, Again.”

Chakra Healing and Cleaning Past Lives Experiences

“What I tell here may be hard or unbelievable to some people, but I owe it to Tamar, and here to share my story. I am a 32 year old divorced woman. At times feel emotionally over stressed and fear of heart attack. For years I have constant throat infections and heaviness in my chest area. I know about my past lives and know that I was hung twice.

At the end of an overwhelming healing session that I experienced with Tamar I sensed higher level of love, manifestation, clear and open vision, and relief in my throat and heart.

I am a very spiritual person, and feel obligated to recommend Tamar. You can turn to her with any problem, yours or someone you love dearly. You won’t regret that moment.”

– M. A.

Smoking Addiction

“I was addicted to smoking for 16 years and I was smoking 2 and a half packs a day. I heard about Tamar from a friend and heard that she can help me with my addiction. I met Tamar and I had my first healing session with her, which was very relaxing. Once I walked out from the session, I felt nauseous and I didn’t feel the need for a cigarette. The next day I was still nauseas and Tamar told me to call her everyday as a distant daily support. The support gave me a lot of strength to continue and I didn’t have the need to smoke the whole time. I had several more in-person sessions with Tamar, which helped me to continue to stop smoking. After a month of support from Tamar, I haven’t felt the urge for a cigarette since”.

– I.S.

Limping and Healing

” Tamar and I were working with patients at a facility when she noticed that I was limping. She said she could help me through Yohti Energy Healing. Wanting badly to get rid of the pain in my right knee (I have chondromalacia patella) we went outside to the patio where she started the healing. Without laying a hand on my knee, she was able to zone in on the most painful part of the knee. My knee started to feel numb, my whole body started to relax. Tamar told me to monitor my knee throughout the rest of the day. The rest of the day went well – no pain, no limping. Since then, every time I feel bad (physically, and emotionally), I take time to see Tamar.

Another time I went to see her, I felt heat around the areas she was working on. She also worked with chakras that helped release me from emotional distress that I was going through at that time. The sense of relief was overwhelming. Aside from the energy healing, Tamar also gave me few good advices. Seeing Tamar for any difficulty or problem in life is definitely worth your while. ”

– Jeanne

Teeth and Abscess Cases

“Few months ago I suffered from teeth ache, it was very painful. I received healing from Tamar and the pain faded away. At the same time I had Abscess (pus formed as a result of a bacterial infection)in my left armpit, I felt persistent, throbbing pain in such way that I couldn’t move my arm at all. When there is no way for pus to drain, it forms an abscess. I received healing from Tamar, and within 30 minutes it got better and healed, and I was able to move my arm like before. A week later, I got some more abscess that were smaller and less painful, they got healed without any special care, I believe it was related to the healing treatment I received from Tamar. ”

– R.Y.

Chakras and Healing Work

“Dear Tamar,I had one of the most pleasant, peaceful, and insightful experience with you. You opened up my chakaras and my energy to a whole new realm that I never knew existed. I was able to clearly visualize my future with more detail as I came in more often for healing. I saw that I was walking down the isle and immediately getting pregnant. Tamar, every time I come to you I leave with an essence of peace, love, and hope that everything will be okay. I just want to say thank you for all that you have done. ”

– Paddi

Back and Knees

“Few months ago I fell of the stairs. I hit my back, elbow and knees very badly, and was paralyzed for a couple of months. The pains were strong and non of the pain medications I got from the local hospital helped. I was destroyed from the thought I would not be able to walk normally, furthermore dance which is my profession. I went to Tamar through my father who got treatments at her clinic, and could not believe that it took me only two days to get me back on my feet again. During the session I felt heat and pressure on those hurt spots, and slowly the pain disappear. I was back on stage performing the next week. Tamar not only saved my body, she actually saved my career.”

– Shira


” My son D. suffers from asthma for few years, and latley he often gets asthma attacks. Tamar, a close friend of the family, visited us one evening last week, and while D. was asleep Tamar gave him healing. Within just few minutes the wheezing sounds stopped. The next morning we went to the doctor and there was no findings of asthma. ”

– D.Y.

Eyeball Infection

“I am a healthy 44 years old male who lives in Israel, and wanted to share my experience with you. Couple months ago while I was working in the garden I got a scratch in my eye. The scratch started irritating the eye and very quickly the eye got infected. I was rushed into the hospital, while in the meantime my family contacted Tamar. Tamar, who lives in the USA, was on her way to visit in Israel. She started the Long Distance Healing and after a short time the eye got better, the colors changed so quickly from dark red to light pink. Tamar arrived and when visited me in the hospital on my second day gave me another healing treatment. The quick recovery was incredible! I was released the next day and the doctor made a point and said he’d never seen a recovery in such a short time.”

– Mike

Partial Hip Replacement

“I am 34. I was injured and broke my hip on ski trip. I underwent partial hip replacement. My sister knew Tamar and called her. Tamar was able to identify which hip was injured from far away and told my sister she was going to do Long Distance Healing.

As I woke up from the surgery my doctor said it would take 9-10 days for the pain to go away, but the pain was almost zero level.

Two weeks later, when I was home Tamar came to visit and gave me a Healing Treatment. My pain disappeared; I felt it actually leaving my leg. I was relaxed, and very comfortable. I was able to get up and walk around. My recovery was fast and easy. Thanks Tamar.”

– Roe G.

Smoking Addiction

“My son was traveling in Brazil. I received a phone call from his friends that were traveling with him telling me that he is acting very weird. He was displaying catatonic behavior and throwing objects around for no reason. This behavior continued and he was kicked out of the hostel where he was staying and was supposed to go to a psychiatric clinic in Brazil. I was able to bring him back home before and put him in a center locally. He was given medication to calm him down and they told me that it would take a year for him to be well again. I met Tamar through a mutual friend and found out about her powers. I told her the prognosis of my son and she told me that through the distant healing, my son will show dramatic improvement within a week, and be completely healed within a month. She gave me a crystal for me to wear. What amazed me was that after a week, there was a sharp improvement, and after a month, he left the center and returned to the university to study with no medications. I highly recommend Tamar for anyone who needs any type of help, physically or mentally. I never used a healer before and am so happy that I met Tamar.”

– L.M.

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