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At Tamar Energy Healing center, we help you seek solutions for the different ailments (physical as well as mental) you are undergoing through the medium of Alternate medicine. Yes, alternate medicine provides a better cure and therapy for problems that cannot be handled with pure conventional medicine.

We strongly believe and work along with the underlying principle that nature, human beings are healthy, mentally, and physically. Only when subjected to the odds of this complex world, the body loses balance and enters the ‘ill’ phase. The major reason behind this imbalance is energetic blockages, which are expressed by the presence of stress, pressure, tension, insomnia, and other emotional swings, and often results in actual illness.

Re-establishing your Wellness

Using various therapeutic and spiritual practices, we help you develop a healthier view of yourself, in all aspects of life. In fact, we connect with our patients from the very first talk. After understanding the type of problem or disorder, we verify the symptoms to confirm the illness. Below are several words about some of the commonly used healing practices offered at Tamar Energy Healing.

    • Chakras Balancing: It is said that there are 7 critical energy centers in the human body, called chakras. Each chakra represents a different type of energy in us and performs its own unique function. By balancing our chakras we become increasingly aware of our body. We learn how to listen to it and provide its needs. By doing so, we heal ourselves.
    • Long Distance Healing: Energetic healing does not depend on time or space. It is universal and can occur from anywhere on the planet. Once the channel of communication had been opened, for example, on a phone conversation, energy can be transferred from one person to another, to give them strength, vitality, and inner peace. So if you are unable to travel to the clinic, Long distance healing may be the right cure for you.
    • Modalities: Here, we help you release energy and ease your body with hands in the form of massage.

All these are means of restoring the hormonal, endocrine, and digestive systems of the body, by treating the source of the problem in the mental and emotional spheres. This can help you cure chronic diseases, headaches, depression, and even fears. In a holistic view, different body parts are dependent on one another to ensure the functioning of the body as a whole. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure all body parts are “in sync” with one another, which is the overall purpose of what we do.

The Effects of Healing

It is crucial to eradicating any sort of disorder or disharmony in your mind, body, and soul. Once health problems crop up, they lead to a chain reaction of malfunctions and result in one illness leading to another. Unlike conventional medicine, in alternate medicine, your illness is diagnosed well in advance even before your body starts showing the symptoms. It is achieved by analyzing the informational or energetic fields so that any disturbance observed can be healing on time and even prevented. Alternate medicine can work as a healing catalyst along with conventional medicine. So come and unfold a newer you with us!

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After a session of Energy Healing with Tamar in the evening, I did not have to take my medication and felt full of energy with a renewed sense of balance between my body and mind..

Jeanne L.Patient - Chronic pain

After a session of Energy Healing with Tamar in the evening, I did not have to take my medication. I was able to postpone taking my 7am medication until 9:30am because I did not have any tremors! I was shocked and called Tamar. She said that she may be able to reduce the use of medication, and we did!

D JPatient - Parkinsons

I met Tamar 4 years ago, and was amazed to find out how powerful she is. Tamar is connected to the highest spiritual entities and her strong influence on people’s lives and wellbeing does miracles. She is a life saver!

S LevPatient - Migraines