Outside Health Starts Within

  • If you are seeking relief from chronic pain
  • If addiction has taken over your life
  • Are looking to rebalance your body, mind & health
  • Connect you to your soulmate

Elevate Your Body and Mind

If you are seeking relief from pain, swelling, anxiety, depression, nausea, or any kind of ailment without using synthetic medication or undergoing surgery, then we may have just the right solution for you. All body aches and health issues can be relieved through energy healing.

Achieve your health goals with the right treatment tailored for you. We offer a wide range of treatments which are all personalized to your health needs.

Energy Healing

Distance Healing

Aura Reading

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At Tamar Energy Healing center, we help you seek solutions for the different ailments (physical as well as mental) you are undergoing through the medium of Alternate medicine. Yes, alternate medicine provides a better cure and therapy for problems that cannot be handled with pure conventional medicine.

Using various therapeutic and spiritual practices we are able to alleviate the imbalance within your body and heal any pain you are experiencing to re-establish your true authentic self.


After a session of Energy Healing with Tamar in the evening, I did not have to take my medication and felt full of energy with a renewed sense of balance between my body and mind..

Jeanne L.Patient - Chronic pain

After a session of Energy Healing with Tamar in the evening, I did not have to take my medication. I was able to postpone taking my 7am medication until 9:30am because I did not have any tremors! I was shocked and called Tamar. She said that she may be able to reduce the use of medication, and we did!

D JPatient - Parkinsons

I met Tamar 4 years ago, and was amazed to find out how powerful she is. Tamar is connected to the highest spiritual entities and her strong influence on people’s lives and wellbeing does miracles. She is a life saver!

S LevPatient - Migraines