Experience the power of Tibetan Healing through
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Using ancient Tibetan Healing techniques, combined with Body Work,
we help you revive your inner self.


The Power of Energy Healing

Our Mission

In our work we aim for alignment of mind, body, soul and spirit to regain your full potential.

Who We Are

At Tamar Energy Healing Center, we help you seek solutions for the different ailments you are undergoing.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a great way to cure many diseases, ailments, mental problems and other disorders naturally and effectively.


Energy Healing

If you are seeking relief to pain, swelling, anxiety, depression, nausea, or any kind of ailment without using synthetic medication or undergoing surgery, then we may have just the right solution for you. All body aches and health issues can be relieved through energy healing.

Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing is the process of healing through prayer or by focusing full concentration on the well being of another person, with the use of many different theraputic methods of mind and spirit work.

Reiki and Reflexology

Reiki and Reflexology are ancient methods of healing which had been in practice for thousands of years. They are a method of healing whereby a patient is treated by applying pressure on certain parts of the feet, hands or ears, with no application of lotion or oil.

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