Spiritual Surgery

What is Spiritual Surgery?

Spiritual surgery is a healing technique that is usually linked to a common faith in the universal energy of life, and the power of belief that helps in healing individuals. It can be done in many different forms, from color therapy to laying of hands, reflexology and energetic healing. Christians usually ask healing from God, while the Chinese ask for balance of their chi; No matter how you call it, it is a hidden and invisible energy that moves around the world and its purpose is to heal. Whether believing that these energies are usually controlled by nature or a higher being, it is possible to tap into them and benefit from them by channeling them to the places where they are most needed. Drawing them into the body can help in boosting the vitality and the health of an individual.

Invisible Healing Energy

Spiritual healing can work for all believers in the universal forces of life found in every living thing, which could affect objects like rocks and crystals. Chi is the name given to the invisible power of healing. This term is used in Chinese medicine and refers to the energy that nourishes the body. The health of an individual is easily affected by blockage in the flow of chi. Healing methods like shiatsu, Reiki and crystal healing usually focus on the restoration of energy flow in the body. There are many methods of spiritual surgery that assist patient’s recovery both physically and spiritually. Most of the methods are usually compatible to each other. They are as explored below:

Causes of Lower back Pains

Lower back pains can be caused by various conditions, but all of them come down to poor posture. Some people are used to lifting heavy weights, others sit during most of their day and are also prone to lower back pains. The most common cause of lower back pain amongst women is pregnancy, as the additional weight of the growing uterus makes them uncomfortable when trying to stand or sit up straight.

  1. Power of the mind

    In most cases, the western medicine usually ignores the power of the mind when it comes to healing physical ailments, but the mere desire of the mind to get better usually plays a crucial role in determining how quickly one recovers from injuries or illness. The faith of the patient helps in channeling the energy to the affected area to ensure their well-being.
  2. Vibrational Therapies

    Vibrational therapy is usually based in the belief that every body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that produces frequencies. When we are healthy, frequencies are usually constant, but its enough to be slightly anxious for these frequencies to get disrupted, all the more so when one gets ill. We use Vibrational methods such as crystal therapy, color therapy and sound therapy to balance the magnetic fields, which absorb the positive vibrations and eventually rebalance the energy in the body.
  3. Channeling Energy

    After opening up your mind to the universal healing energies, it is important for a patient to learn how to channel them. This is necessary for drawing positive energy around you into your body, while staying away from negative energy and blocking it from being absorbed into your body. Therapies such as spell casting, Reiki and crystal healing help in harnessing the flow of energy in the body. This is usually done through stimulation of the chakras which are the energy centers of the body.
  4. Laying on Hands

    Everybody appreciates that a warm hug usually lifts the spirit. It is also true that massaging sore muscles or even rubbing bruises makes the patient feel better. Taking this concept further, it it is safe to say that touch, when given with loving intentions, has the ability heal people from various ailments. it all works in collaboration with the power of the mind and belief.

    After balancing the inner body energy, you will be headed for healing. The entire spiritual surgery should encompass appreciating the presence of the inner energies and learning how to effectively channel them.

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