Reflexology – An Easy Way to Cure

Reflexology is an ancient method of healing which had been in practice for thousands of years. You can trace the study and technique of reflexology in the ancient Chinese and Egyptian scriptures. However, in the early twentieth century, reflexology was revived and re-discovered by various experts across the globe. The experts verified the proven success shown empirically in the scriptures. Nowadays, there are millions of patients worldwide who would testify on the effectiveness of the treatment. After all, Reflexology has been proven to be a cure for a spectrum of illnesses and malfunctions in a natural, risk and pain free way.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a method of healing whereby a patient is treated by applying pressure on certain parts of the feet, hands or ears, with no application of lotion or oil. It is basically zone therapy, more commonly known as acupuncture. In simple words, the feet, hands or ears are used as a map of the internal organs, which are stimulated by the pressure to improve blood circulation, relieve tension and promote organic cooperation of malfunctioned body systems.

What can Reflexology Cure?

Reflexology can cure a variety of physical ailments. Often, medicinal practitioners suggest consulting a reflexologist along with the prescribed medicines for better and quicker relief. As it does not involve intake of any form of oral medicine, it is safe and secure. Right from the infants to the elders, anyone can benefit from this treatment.

Reflexology can effectively treat cramps, glandular problems such as plethora and cysts, headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, back pain, chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, fever, problems in the female organ system, stress, allergies and many other ailments.

What Does a Typical Reflexology Session Comprise of?

The reflexology expert would initiate the session by analyzing your eating habits, sleeping habits, work style, etc. in order to better understand the causes for the problem you are facing. After this comprehensive session, the expert would perform the treatment by applying pressure through his or her hands on the different areas on your foot. This might lead to sensations, and in some patients even pain in different parts of body, But overall it is a very soothing and comforting session.

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