Organ Healing and Clearing

Organ Healing and Clearing- Approaching an Energy Healing Session

It is a well known fact that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can only be converted from one form to the other. This is an important lesson to recall when considering energetic healing for internal organ malfunctions. It is the same principle that helps us in transforming pain into joy, misery into ecstasy, and fear into love.

Recycling Energy

Like in gardening, so in the human body - what was previously waste can easily be transformed into nourishment. This is basically what our energy healers facilitate to ensure cleansing of all body organs.

Value Hidden Within Pain

Any misfortune, suffering or pain is usually a clear representation of conflicting energies within. After harmonizing the energies, the body is restored to the original state and any energy that was hidden within the conflicting area is then made available for the body. This energy is then used for the purpose of nourishing the soul and moving forward to fulfilling your desires. This is usually manifested in the form inspiration, happiness, lightness and creativity, all of which are the keys to mark spiritual healing for both body and soul.

Past Lives Within

Energy patterns can easily be traced back to different points in time, through events of the past and the personal history of an individual, which are neatly woven with ancestral history and remnants of past lives. It does not depend whether one has had an incarnation before since it is their current life that really matters through clearing of all current vibration disturbances. It is important to set free from the past and prepare a red carpet for future to come.

Pain Gone, Happiness Flowing and Relationships Restored

Regardless of the reason as to why you come for an energy healing session, it is imperative to prepare yourself for transformation.If you come open, humble, and ready for positive change to occur, amazing results will come your way.

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