Distance Healing

What are the Benefits of Long Distance Healing?

Long Distance Healing is the process of healing through prayer or by focusing full concentration on the well being of another person, with the use of many different theraputic methods of mind and spirit work. This means that the healer need not be physically present with the patient during the healing sessions.

Distance Healing Services

There are many different ways to perform distant healing. Some healers try to call the energy in the body of the patient through prayer or incantation. Some have unique powers to manipulate forces through deep concentration.

It is not a necessity for a patient to be of the same religious belief as the healer. As long as there’s a belief that healing is possible, a patient of any religious sect can be healed through a distant healing treatment. In some cases, it is possible to heal someone who is not aware that they are being healed. That is how powerful prayer and faith can be.

Distant healing is an ancient practice that we perform for the benefit of our patients who have no capacity to travel to our premises. Through this service, we aim to provide you with the best results, even if we are not physically together.

A distant healing session can last from 15 to 40 minutes. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and provide us with your basic information as well as the details of your specific condition or health issues. Once we have all the right details, treatment commences and the healing process takes place.

You can obtain a distant healing session by setting an appointments through phone or email.

Transcending Through Time and Space

You must be wondering how we can provide treatment and cure without meeting you in person. The answer is that we go outside the scope of time and space. We alter our perceptions of the outside world and we focus our vantage point to a place where there is no fixed time and space, In a place where nothing separates objects and where time flows both forward and backwards.

The Benefits of Distant Healing

There are many benefits to distant healing. The main one is getting the right healing process without the need to travel to the healer- the healing is energy, travelling all the way to you!

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